SUNDAY 22 APRIL 2018  - 15:00

Musical comedy for children between the ages of 3 and 10in French
Compagnie « Dans les Bacs à Sable » (France)

« La Clef des Rêves » Belgian premiere

A magical, whimsical story on dreams in life, making one's dreams come true and overcoming nightmares.This is the story of Lea, a tiny flower rooted in her meadow whose dream is to roam the world. It's the story of a Key which opens the door to boundless imagination – the gateway to one's inner freedom: the Land of Dreams. However, it is also the story of a dream which turns into a nightmare. During her thrilling adventure, in the heart of her dream, Lea comes face to face with her greatest fear - witches. Dragged into a dark place of her own making, our naive heroine has to learn how to free herself from her predicament. Her courage and determination will help her rein in her imagination, conquer her fears and banish her nightmare. Once back in her wonderful world, Lea finds herself playing an unaccustomed role: the witch casts her weapons aside and begs the little flower to help her by revealing how miserable her life has become. Lea realises that the witch's unhappiness has caused her to become evil. So, in order to free her from her sufferings, she gives her the Key of Dreams.



SUNDAY 22 APRIL 2018  - 20:00

Music & images show
Duo Paseo Musical (Belgium/France)
Amélie Douay (flute) & Caroline Schneider (guitar) - Charles Bruere (visuals)

« Contemporary landscapes » world premiere

Takemitsu, Beaser, Coles, Lysight (creation)


Recital by a living guitar legend
Costas Cotsiolis, guitar (Greece)

« Latin landscapes »

Brouwer (Belgian premiere of sonata n°3), Albéniz, Domeniconi…